Bio Sequence Searches

The field of biotechnology has grown rapidly and so have the patents related to bio-sequences. So before one actually files an application for invention related to bio-sequences, a rigorous search of prior art is need to be done.Bio-sequence search involves finding an exact arrangement of sequences in the patent or non-patent document. Bio-Sequence search assists the inventors to ascertain whether the sequence is novel.

Biological Sequence comprises nucleotide sequences or amino acids sequences. Since novelty lies in the exclusivesequence of nucleotide or amino acid it is very difficult to identify the patents with keywords alone, thus, searching biological sequences in patents requiresparticular skill sets and searching in specialized database. Even if the preferred sequence has a common name, not all patents, patent application or non-patent will have the same nomenclature and thus leaving plenty of scope to miss out relevant prior art.

We at Menteso provide an impactful search for prior art with effective search strategy used on patent and non-patent databases to dig out each and every relevant prior reference. We have a dedicated team of biotechnology experts who specialize in searching bio-sequences based patents. An initial list of all the potential prior arts is created and the results of the sequence searches are further refined from the crude files retrieved from these databases to well organized clear cut results in a professional report.

With a Menteso Bio-Sequence Search, you’ll get:

  • Reports that are simple to comprehend, navigate, yet extremely detailed in fastest possible time without sacrificing quality and render support 24*7
  • Highest quality at minimum price. You will identify the exact price prior to commencement of the search.
  • 100% satisfaction as we promise sincere effort and more than 100% dedication in the search process.


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