Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is the first and perhaps the most important step during the entire life cycle of the patent. No matter how good an invention is, a poorly drafted patent can lead to the loss of rightful return on investment. A poorly drafted patent may have loopholes which a potential infringer may utilize in order to get away with infringement, or worse an assignee may lose the rights at a later stage in case the patent has issues like improper enablement, improper explanation of invention etc.

A good patent draft not only includes proper enablement of the invention, but also includes all the possible embodiment of the invention. At times, inventors are not able to envision all the possible embodiment of their invention, a good patent drafter therefore, works closely with the inventors in order to protect the broadest possible scope of the invention using the claims.

A patent application draft has many sections including, claims, specification, title, abstract, summary and drawings.

Claims describe boundaries of a patent protection. Patent claims are the official basis for your patent protection. They shape a protective boundary line around your patent that lets others identify when they are infringing on your rights.

Patent specification has to be drafted to excellence, as it is an important document that defends your interests in the invention. A good patent specification can be drafted only if one has the ability to thoroughly recognize with the technical features of the invention and a good understanding of the legal features of patenting. Our knowledge and qualification in both technology and patent law gives us the essential skills to offer value added patent specifications drafting. We have vast experience in drafting patent specifications. Patent specifications prepared by us fulfill with the norms specified by most patent offices, which allow patent specifications in English. We get outsourced patent projects from across the earth, wherein, if preferred, we also draft specific sections of the patent specification. In addition, we have expertise in preparing patent drawings and using various drawing tools. We take on projects that engage sketching complex patent drawings. Customers who outsource Patent Writing preparation projects to us find our pricing affordable.

In addition to drafting complete patent application i.e. non-provisional application,Menteso also provide service of drafting of provisional patent applications. Provisional patent specifications drafting services are usually availed by clientele when enough details are not accessible to draft a complete patent specification. Upon drafting and filing a provisional application, a whole patent application has to be drafted. The provisional patent specifications drafted at Menteso are plan with the same vigor as drafting a non-provisional patent specification.

Our prices are not only the most competitive around the world, but we also deliver services with a fast turnaround time and high quality.We work 24/7 (if required) and offer with brilliant support and online communication to the customers.

We promise confidentiality for all the info that is given to us by our customers. We sign confidentiality agreements with each of our client. Further, we sign confidentiality agreements with each of our employees as well. Furthermore, we are an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/IEC 27001:2015 Certified Organization!


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Menteso is there to support you at your every project!
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Patentability Searches

Our sophisticated patentability search processes with multilingual capabilities are sure to deliver best-in-class quality search results.

Bio-Sequence Searches

We provide searching of sequences of Proteins, Biomolecules and Nucleic Acids to identify a sequence of interest from a large collection of sequences published worldwide in patent and non-patent documents.

Chemical Structure Searches

Our team of scientists perform well executed chemical structure searches which include determination of Novelty, Validity and Freedom to Operate.

Multilingual Patent Searches

Our team has vast experience of searching in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and Arabic languages.

Patent Illustration

We provide high quality patent drawings compliant to USPTO, EPO and other patent offices.

Patent Application Drafting

We draft provisional and complete patent applications with proper enablement and comprehensive explanation of the invention which are ready to file at USPTO, EPO, IPO, Australia patent office, and WIPO (PCT applications).

IDS Preparation

Menteso IP Support team offers IDS-related solutions to US patent application filers so that they comply easily with the duty of disclosure.

Defensive Publication

Our defensive disclosures help corporations in optimizing the IP expenditure and getting the freedom to practice invention without obtaining a patent.

Patent Landscape Studies

We study thousands of patents of a particular technology to generate the patent landscape analysis report as per the requirement of the client.