What is a Patentability Search?

An investigation that assists to find out whether or not an invention is novel or non-obvious can and is patentable.  A patentability search identifies relevant prior art that might destroy the novelty aspect of an invention, and can help to assess the likelihood of securing a reliable patent with adequate claim scope. The purpose of a patent search is to identifying relevant citations appropriate to the technical aspect of the invention determine the possibility of the invention to successfully obtain grant of a patent.

What Do I Require to Offer for a Patentability Search?

  • A detailed description of your invention, comprises figures, images, photographs, source code, and any other info you feel will help us recognize the exclusive features of your invention
  • A draft patent application or
  • A corporate invention disclosure form.

Menteso is a patent search company utilizing cutting edge technologies to offer our customers thorough searches. Our knowledgeable research team examines U.S. and foreign patents as well as non-patent prior art. We provide attorneys, businesses and independent inventors.

Since our founding we have performed thousands of searches for number of clients. We love what we do finding significant patents with thorough, courteous and prompt service.

Why chooses us as your patent attorney?

Customers who retain us will receive high quality service at a highly competitive price from the Menteso a patent search firm USA. Our practice allows us to devote as much time as essential to attain positive results for our customers, as we only commit to a workload on which we can maintain a high standard of service.

You will find that our cost structure and rates permit you to be in control of legal costs.

We have wide experience in patent and trademark submission and trial in foreign countries. In the middle of the practitioners who coordinate our pains on various cases. We have established a consistent network of foreign legal IP firms, and we assist our customers to readily tap into their expertise and resources, in order to increase an edge during the process of globalization in information and technology.

Technical Fields
All of our patent attorneys are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and have technical degrees in fields such  as electrical, computer, mechanical and chemical engineering, as well as molecular biology, biotechnology, physics and chemistry.  As well, most of our patent attorneys have industry experience in areas as diverse as nuclear power, navigation systems, microprocessor design, pollution control and pharmaceuticals.

Patent Prosecution
our technical experts guide inventors throughout the whole patent prosecution process, from novelty identification of the invention to mapping the competitive landscape and prosecuting applications.  We add value through comprehensive portfolio management, leveraging the impact of our clients’ investment in IP protection.

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Our Featured Services

Patentability Searches

Our sophisticated patentability search processes with multilingual capabilities are sure to deliver best-in-class quality search results.

Bio-Sequence Searches

We provide searching of sequences of Proteins, Biomolecules and Nucleic Acids to identify a sequence of interest from a large collection of sequences published worldwide in patent and non-patent documents.

Chemical Structure Searches

Our team of scientists perform well executed chemical structure searches which include determination of Novelty, Validity and Freedom to Operate.

Multilingual Patent Searches

Our team has vast experience of searching in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and Arabic languages.

Patent Illustration

We provide high quality patent drawings compliant to USPTO, EPO and other patent offices.

Patent Application Drafting

We draft provisional and complete patent applications with proper enablement and comprehensive explanation of the invention which are ready to file at USPTO, EPO, IPO, Australia patent office, and WIPO (PCT applications).

IDS Preparation

Menteso IP Support team offers IDS-related solutions to US patent application filers so that they comply easily with the duty of disclosure.

Defensive Publication

Our defensive disclosures help corporations in optimizing the IP expenditure and getting the freedom to practice invention without obtaining a patent.

Patent Landscape Studies

We study thousands of patents of a particular technology to generate the patent landscape analysis report as per the requirement of the client.