An “Office Action” is a letter from a patent office in which a patent examiner or other official of the patent office makes an official communication to the patent applicant about the status of the patent application.

Office action response is prepared when examiner raises objections and rejections against an application filed in pursuance of a patent. An expert is required to counter answer the examiner’s rejections and objections in order to grant of patent. The person who drafts the response to the examiner’s objections should have technical skills in the specific field of invention.

Office Action drafting requires a thorough understanding of law, the invention, and the prior art cited by the examiner.

With Menteso Office Action Response Drafting, you get:

  • Menteso helps clients in drafting office action responses for their patent applications across various jurisdictions including US, EP and India.
  • Menteso team comprises a rich pool of techno-legal experts who are well-trained on US patent laws and procedures.

Our Team has assisted various law firms in preparing complete response to rejections/objections raised by their local patent offices.


Why Menteso?

  • Ensures in-depth and gap-free technical understanding of the subject matter at hand.
  • We ensure at each step of services matches the quality standards set by the client.
  • Get more value from your budget with cost-effective outsourcing.
Our Featured Services
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Remote Docketing

Our team will work as your extended team and will remotely manage each and every task of your docketing system.

Patent Proofreading

We painstakingly identify errors in the issued patents & applications and report with certificate of correction (CoC).

Office Action Response Drafting

Our Office Action Response services include both Technical and Non-Technical Office Action Responses so that the examiner is completely convinced.

File History Analysis

Our File History Reports include gist of the entire file wrapper in few sheets so that the attorney focuses on litigation rather than the file wrapper study.

Application Status Checking

We periodically check the application status so that our clients can timely respond to patent office communications.

IP Recordal & Data Verification

We make transfer of patent assets simple by meticulously verifying ownership name, form, legal status, address etc.

IP Administrative Services

IP Administration services include up-keeping of IP Management software, managing paperwork, reviewing invoices for accuracy and correctness, etc.

PTA Calculation

We help our clients in checking if the patent term adjustment published by USPTO has been calculated correctly.

Patent Translation

We provide technical translation of patents in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and Arabic languages to English.