Patent Due Diligence is designed for corporations and licensing firms. The whole solution answers the question of identifying patents worth licensing or patents worth acquiring from large portfolios of patents. The identification is based on various parameters including patent valuation, underlying technology and synergy with products etc.

Every due-diligence inquiry is unique. It requires an individualized approach. The need is to tailor the inquiry to the circumstances. Seeing that, the approach requires the thorough education of, and full participation by, the intellectual property professional performing the due-diligence analysis. Menteso Experts have developed a proven processes and methodologies to tailor the approach. Our tailor made solutions help our clients in successful transactions. 

The Due diligence process starts with patent portfolio analysis. The porfolio includes hundreds and thousands of patents. A target set of patents is extracted from the portfolio using various scoring methods. We offer automated, semi-automated and manual processes in order to suit the needs and optimize the budget.

As a last step, a Marketing Material is prepared which is used to pitch the high value patents to potential buyers.

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Evidence of Use (EoU) Charts

Our team develops court ready Evidence of Use (EoU) charts. The report includes mapping of product with claim of the patent.

Patent Mining, Bucketing & Ranking

You can find valuable patents from a pool of thousands of patents through our mining, bucketing & ranking services.

Infringement Searches

Infringement search report includes list of potentially infringing products with rating based on probable mapping of product with the claim.

Invalidity / Validity Searches

Invalidity Search reports include comprehensive study of patent & non-patent prior arts which were likely missed by the Patent Examiner during the prosecution stage.

Contention Reviews

Contention Review includes thorough examination of validity of mapped evidences against claimed clauses wherein the analysis is supported with appropriate arguments.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Studies

Our FTO reports identify any patent(s) or patent applications in a country whose claims would cover the product or process proposed to be commercially exploited.

Patent Due Diligence

Patent due diligence reports help corporations/licensing firms in identifying patents worth out-licensing or in-licensing from a large portfolio of patents.

Market Research

Market Research provides latest trends in market and help our clients in identifying major competitors in the market and seize upon new market opportunities.

Brokerage Document

Our Brokerage Document (a.k.a. Pitchbook/Sale Document) is a powerful marketing material for pitching sale of a patent portfolio to potential clients.