IP Docketing Advanced

10 Jan, 2019 8 Menteso

Office Actions

One of the most important factor in order to obtain the Grant of the Patent Application is to overcome the Office Action Notices received from the Examiner at the PTO. The Office Actions received are Non Final Office Action and Final Office Action. W...

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09 Dec, 2018 0 Menteso

Informational Notice to Applicant

The Informational Notice of Applicant has document code of "M327", also referred to as miscellaneous communication. The M327 is any communication from the USPTO that does not fit into any other document code.  When a patent application is filed...

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Notice of Allowance
20 Nov, 2018 0 Menteso

Notice of Allowance/Notice of Allowability

The Notice of Allowance signifies that claims of a Patent Application are allowed by the examiner. Once we receive the notice of allowance, we have to pay the Issue Fees within a specified deadline to initiate the process for the grant of the Patent ...

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21 Oct, 2018 2 Menteso

The 7 Most Common US Patent Docketing Errors

The patent docketing process involves tracking and scheduling of due dates in a patent application process. These due dates are always critical as missing of any deadline can lead to the abandonment of the patent application. The responsibility of a ...

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