Infringement & Invalidity Contentions

Whenever Plaintiff decides to move forward with the patent litigation against targeted defendants, it becomes essential that they form a consolidated strategy which will help them win patent litigation. The immediate and the most crucial step after the filing of the patent litigation is to generate the list of asserted claims and consolidated infringement contentions.

Menteso IP helps you in identifying the most critical claims to assert and formulating solid infringement support. We prepare a disclosure including a claim chart that is required by the local court at the time of claiming patent infringement. Our claim chart identifies each claim limitations, evidence of infringement against the claim limitation whether direct or indirect infringement, a description of the operation of an indirect infringer that contributes to or is inducing that direct infringement. Our chart reflects whether the assertion is literal or under a doctrine of equivalents and helps the plaintiff counsel to put the accused infringer on notice of what exactly is being indicated on an element by element basis. We review infringement and invalidity contentions to carve out the technical differences that form the basis for strong legal arguments and rebuttals.

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