Office Action Response Drafting

An “Office Action” is a letter from a patent office in which a patent examiner or other official of the patent office makes an official communication to the patent applicant about the status of the patent application.

Office action response is prepared when the examiner raises objections and rejections against an application filed in pursuance of a patent. An expert is required to counter answer the examiner’s rejections and objections in order to grant the patent. The person who drafts the response to the examiner’s objections should have technical skills in the specific field of invention.

One should be well aware of the invention as well as the applicability according to Patent Rules to overcome the objection or rejection issued by the examiner of the Patent Application. Our team reviews and analyzes all the references cited in the Office action in detail and develop the argument/response to overcome the rejection maintaining the scope of the invention. We have the experienced team that has assisted various law firms in preparing the complete response to rejections/objections raised by their local patent offices. For a quote fill the form available on the right side of this page.

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