Patent Drafting / Writing Services

Patent Drafting is the first and perhaps the most critical step during the entire life cycle of the patent. No matter how good an invention is, a poorly drafted patent can lead to the loss of rightful return on investment. A poorly written patent may have loopholes which a potential infringer may utilize to get away with infringement, or worse an assignee may lose the rights at a later stage in case the patent has issues like improper enablement, improper explanation of the invention, etc.

The patent drafting requires sound technical knowledge as well as the thorough understanding of the Patent Rules to ensure that the draft of the Patent Application complies with the PTO norms. We have a dedicated team of patent drafting experts in all technical domains with years of experience, with the thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations.

To generate the maximum value from the Patent Application regarding Commercialization, Licensing, etc., the Patent Application should be well-drafted within the scope of the novel aspect of the invention. Menteso IP works closely with inventors to identify the novel aspect of the Patent Application which enables the team to develop the claims around the scope of the novelty of the invention. The engagement style of team Menteso IP ensures that the inventors focus on their core research work. Ask for a quotation today!

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