IDS Preparation

Information disclosure statement (IDS) consists of a list of all prior arts: granted or published patents (the US or non-US), scientific literature or publications, or any other information. It is the sense of duty of the applicant to disclose the prior arts at the time of applying or during the prosecution of the patent application.

In addition to the IDS form the USPTO may require a legible copy of:

  1. each foreign patent;
  2. each publication or that portion which caused it to be listed, other than U.S. patents and U.S. patent application publications unless required by the Office;
  3. for each cited pending unpublished U.S. application, the application specification including the claims, and any drawing of the application, or that portion of the application which caused it to be listed including any claims directed to that portion;
  4. all other information or that portion which caused it to be listed.

Menteso IP can help in finding such prior art searches or preparing the IDS (Invention disclosure statement) form in USPTO prescribed format in a cost-efficient manner. Our services further include preparation of multiple IDSs for an entire patent portfolio. Contact us today to to smoothen your IDS filings! 

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