Office Action Reporting

An office Action is a vital prosecution activity. Missing office action deadline can lead to the abandonment of patent. We need to keep a stringent eye on the status of the application. We at Menteso IP report office actions with 100% accuracy with complete responsibility. We make our clients unburdened from these tedious, time consuming and unproductive activities.

We perform Office Action Reporting in multiple ways:

  1. PTO Monitoring & Direct Reporting: We send direct notifications to the client upon monitoring actions on the PTO website.
  2. Mailbox Monitoring & Direct Reporting: We send emails upon reviewing the action email.
  3. Mailbox Monitoring & Docketing System Reporting: We monitor mailbox and docket the activity in the Docketing System and generate a report containing the actions required. This activity can be extended to complete Patent & Trademark Docketing in a docketing system.

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