Shared / Full Time Paralegals

At MentesoIP, we furnish our clients with the best personalized-paralegal solutions by combining extensive research, technology, and experience to improve paralegal department. Our paralegals are well-experienced in managing all paralegal and administrative works.

Being one of the top patent services outsourcing companies, our main aim is to give a wholesome package of quality oriented paralegal services to our customers. Once you hire a professional from our squad of paralegal experts, your success is assured.


Engagement Models

You get to choose from any of the two hiring models that we offer:

Shared Paralegal Model

In this model, we offer paralegals to our clients & help them augment their in-house staff. You can hire a remote paralegal professional from MentesoIP and augment your existing team to achieve more in less time.

This model works best for organizations who find it difficult to manage the work pressure with their in-house team.

Remote Full-Time Paralegal Outsourcing Model

In this model, we offer a whole team of experienced paralegals to our clients that works for them remotely, as per their requirements.

The team works from our India Operations Center. You can hire a remote paralegal team from MentesoIP and avail premium & cost-effective paralegal services.

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