Brokerage Document / Pitchbook / Sale Document

Our Brokerage Document (a.k.a. Pitchbook/Sale Document) is powerful marketing material for pitching sale of a patent portfolio to potential clients. The brokerage documents enlist all the potential licensees/infringers in which the purchaser of the patent portfolio might be interested. The report further includes Illustrative Claim Charts to strengthen the value of the patent portfolio.

The report also includes complete market research and company analysis. With Menteso’s well-researched brokerage documents the selling of patent portfolios becomes a piece of cake. Our Clients say it!


What is included in the Brokerage Document?
With MentesoIP Brokerage Document, you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive marketing research and analysis of all IP assets to provide estimated value and targeted licensing companies.
  • Additional licensing companies together with targeted licensing companies.
  • Illustrative Claim Charts to strengthen the value of your patent portfolio.

Why MentesoIP?

  • Menteso team comprises techno-legal experts who are well-trained to analyze and identify potentials of patent portfolios.
  • Our team has developed proprietary processes for analyzing target licensing/infringing companies.
  • We provide reports within a minimal time frame.