End-To-End Patent Licensing Support

We at MentesoIP support our clients in end-to-end Licensing Deals. Our team has in-depth knowledge of both strategies of monetization viz. Licensing-Out and Licensing-In. We help our clients to develop the best patent licensing in/out plan through a detailed analysis of their portfolio and careful research of specific industries and products as the target.

Before executing a licensing deal, it is essential to understand the strength of your patents and gaps in your existing portfolio. Licensing opportunities can be strategized using :

  1. Licensing-Out: Selling non-core patents or licensing of existing patents.
  2. Licensing-In: Acquiring third-party patents for strengthening the portfolio.

Licensing-Out Solutions

We help identify potential customers best suited for selling the license of your IP. The Licensing-Out Solution involves:

  1. Finding Companies or Service Providers that are illegally selling products utilizing the patented technology. Our final deliverables include Evidence of Use (EoU) charts as well as a list of potential infringers or licensees.
  2. Identifying potentially interested parties who are not practicing your patented invention, yet work in similar technology area or build similar products, and hence can be engaged in licensing your technology. This process of identifying potentials requires Business & technical modeling of the interested parties that would potentially buy or license your patent rights.

Licensing-In Solutions

Buying-in a license to use IP has several benefits. It reduces the costs involved in research activities, increases market penetration and ultimately gives a competitive advantage to your business. We help identify patent portfolio best for acquisition, with a particular focus on un-assigned patents and patents owned by universities.

Strategy for licensing-in:
Before acquiring any patents, it is necessary first to understand the needs of your business and how will the licensing increase the value of your current portfolio. A high level of investment and due diligence is required to assess the available opportunities.

Our expert analytics team will help you identify best-suited technologies and patents that can strengthen your portfolio. We evaluate these patents by understanding the claim scope and benchmarking them, i.e., comparing patents on multiple parameters like Age, Validity, Forward Citations, Citations/year, claim scope, Independent claim length, Inventor count, etc. After an in-depth review, our technical experts make the final selection.