Market Research

Our Market Research and Analytics services assist our clients in latest trends in the market together with the analysis of the evolution of the market in the past and present. Our reports help our clients in identifying competitors and seizing upon new opportunities in the market.

We at Menteso we diligently gather the data and arduously extract the information out of the collected data to provide precise analysis and insights. Our mutually exclusive and completely exhaustive review of the relevant market helps our clients in viewing a clear picture of a particular technology as per the market situation. Our reports assist in identifying whether the market is ready for the entry of the given technology or not.

Market Research plays a vital role in infringement identification and enforcement of a patent. It is crucial to determine right kind of target at the right time. The right target can be found only after proper and targeted market research. The research report helps in the decision of out-licensing or bringing a lawsuit against the most valuable and probable target in the market.

To add value to our analysis, we perform both primary and secondary research of the infringing product including direct customer feedback about the product/services and study of trade literature, manuals, websites, Subscriptions and SEC filing, etc. This dual analysis helps our client in developing a profound understanding of the market share and the revenue associated with the infringing product. Our Market Research is a complete analysis of the market spectrum of the intellectual property industry.