Patent Mining, Bucketing, And Ranking

Patent Mining:

MentesoIP has in-depth technical skills, knowledge of market space and understanding of various parameters associated with patents which help in mining the patents as per your requirements. Menteso has created proprietary processes with the help of its experience of mining through more than 100,000 patents in various domains including electronics, telecommunication, computers, and networking, etc. You might require our mining services in the following situations:

  • If you plan to monetize your patent portfolio or if you plan to invest in patents of a specific company;
  • If you plan to divest in your non-performing patent assets; or
  • If you plan to invest in patents assets of a particular technology.

Patent Ranking:

When analyzing a portfolio of IP assets, each asset is reviewed individually to rank patents as High, Medium or Low against a specific requirement, for example, potential for licensing, selling or acquisition, etc.

  • Automated Solution: We optimize our clients’ investment and deliver them maximum value out of their investments. We have developed a fully automated system for identifying critical patents from a large portfolio depending upon various parameters. This computerized system takes into account both objective parameters such as forward citation, number of independent claims, etc.
  • Semi-Automated Solution: Though, our automated system is fastest and highly cost-effective; however, it can be made more effective by applying the semi-automated solution. Depending on the clients’ need we change our approach to include both subjective and objective parameters including claim length, the ability of overlap, market segment & size, etc.
  • Manual Solution: Depending on the clients’ requirements, we can also provide an entirely manual approach for ranking patents analysis. Such analysis not only includes all parameters used in automated and semi‐automated approach but also the analysis is extended to more subjective parameters, such as remaining life, number of foreign family members, availability of alive family member, number of office action responses, etc.