Biosequence Search

MentesoIP provides an impactful biosequence search (biological sequence search) with the utilization of effective search strategies on patent databases to dig out each relevant prior references. We have full excess to biosequence databases such as STN, CAS registry; MARPAT, MMS, Genome Quest, DCR, etc. With a dedicated team of biotechnology experts that specialize in searching bio-sequences based patents, MentesoIP is delivering high-quality, reliable and cost-effective biological sequence searches to its clients.

We, at MentesoIP, have conducted 1000+ biological sequence searches. We enjoy 100% client retention rates for biosequence searches and other chemical related projects.

What is biological sequence (or biosequence) search?

Biological Sequences Searches relate to finding a specific arrangement of sequences in a given patent or non patent document. Sequence search allows the inventor to verify whether the biosequence is novel or not. Since the novelty of the bio-sequence resides in the unique combination of nucleotides or amino acids, a keywords based search alone cannot capture the entire data-set including all the relevant results.