Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is a process of discovering where a client’s competitors are heading so that the client is nevermore taken by surprises.

For our clients, it is essential to find out what is the client’s competitor doing that may harm the clients’ business.

MentesoIP’s Competitive Intelligence solutions help companies get better insights into their competition and help them make informed decisions about their business.

Our Competitive Intelligence reports answer the below questions:

  • How is the industry moving, so that the client may not linger behind
  • What are the shifts in the industry that client may want to look into
  • What Business Moves make sense according to the domain
  • Determine which sub-domain is the most lucrative
  • Determine which Geography is the most lucrative
  • Determine the trend in the Domain and be ahead of the competitors

Insights generated by Competitive Intelligence process activities:

Basic Competitive Intelligence Methodology:

Competitive Intelligence can include the below information as per the requirement:

  • Product & Price Benchmarking: MentesoIP provides valuable, customized, and objective, price benchmarking services to ensure that you get competitive pricing for your products and services.
  • Competitor Profiling: MentesoIP’s Competitor profiling services keep you apprised about your competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses so that you modify yourself accordingly.
  • Competitive Landscaping: MentesoIP’s Competitive Landscaping analysis provides information on how a business contrasts within the competitive climate and compares main services and products the business offers, annual sales, market share levels, strengths, and weaknesses, etc. with competitors.
  • Industry Insights: MentesoIP’s specific, detailed and targeted industry insights help in achieving your business goals and assist in understanding the market size of the industry, current operating companies, their market share, customer demographics of that industry, etc.
  • Business and Financial Impact Analysis: MentesoIP’s Business and Financial Impact Analysis services help in understanding a particular technology area, analyzing that area segment wise, locating the available white spaces, and reviewing the financial aspects of the product that we are going to invest.

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