Patent Landscape or State of The Art Search

In today’s highly competitive world, it is essential to know what your competitors are doing in the technology of interest. A patent landscape or state of the art search is all about mapping the whole landscape of the technology of interest.

Our team produces Patent Landscape Reports with rigorous analysis that help executives, technologists, investors, IP Managers and R&D departments with competitive patent landscape analysis of a technology. Our proven patent landscaping methodologies help in understanding the extent to which your competitors are protecting their innovations in critical areas of the technology.

Our patent landscape analysis will assist you to recognize the following:

  1. The technological positioning of competitors.
  2. Historical changes in competitors’ technology.
  3. R&D focus of a competitive business.
  4. Technology leaders and their IP strategies.
  5. Exclusive selling points of competitors.


  1. In-licensing opportunities & Out-license targets.
  2. Whitespaces that present growth opportunities.
  3. Technology trends & Innovative Solutions.
  4. The economic value of patent portfolios.
  5. Strength, and weaknesses of patent portfolios.


What is Patent Landscaping?

Patent landscaping is a kind of research and analysis that generates an overview of patents and patent applications of a particular technology. It can provide competitors’ technology and R&D analysis as well as analyze a portfolio for its economic value, licensing, strength or weakness.

How to do Patent Landscaping?/How to do patent landscape analysis?

We suggest to use our five-step proprietary process for creating a robust patent landscape analysis. Below are the steps:

  1. Determine the goal of the patent landscape study, e.g., idea generation, competitive intelligence, patent filing strategy, monetization, M&A, etc.?
  2. Decide which patent search and analytics software and third-party services to use.
  3. Conduct a preliminary search across patents and technical literature to determine the taxonomy for categorization of the results.
  4. Extract the single-family list of patents relevant to the technology area to perform various analysis and categorization of the extracted data.
  5. Perform categorization of patents as per the defined taxonomy and generate graphical representations using the information extracted from the data.

Does MentesoIP share Patent Landscape Report Sample?

Yes, we do share the sample reports in PDF that contains graphical representations as well as MS-Excel that includes data and analysis.

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