Technology Alert Service

Are you seeking to keep yourself apprised with new products, technologies, and advances in a particular area of your interest? Look no further, use Menteso IP's technology alert services so that you can reap maximized time-bound benefits.

With our customized technology alert services, we track new patents, small technology companies, university researches, technical and trade journals, and competitor advancements.

With these services, we aim to put you ahead in the competition and harness maximum advantages out of a technology before it becomes obsolete.


  • This service enables you to be alerted to 12-15 interesting items per month in line with 4-6 core areas of interest you provide to ATI. We send these 12-15 brief emails throughout the month on significant technical advances, new technologies, news of start-up companies, university professors that have expertise relevant to any of your core areas of interest, and any other items we think you should be aware of.
  • At the end of each month, we provide a succinct monthly summary of all 12-15 items, categorized by tech area.


  • The monthly fee is dependent on the number of scanned areas and not only includes 12-15 original, unique posts targeted to your interest areas but also includes any additional follow up action you require (e.g., following up with a contact to inquire about their availability to consult).

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