Technology Scouting

Technology scouting can be defined as a method of technology forecasting or in the broader context also an element of corporate forethought. Any company needs constant innovation to keep ahead in the market. At times, you might have to plan to accommodate others to achieve your goals. It is indeed challenging to innovate alone, and technologies and complications are growing at a very high rate which makes it impossible to grow apart for all sizes of organizations. Menteso IP helps organizations in achieving their goals through technology scouting.

Menteso IP adopts a well-organized strategy to obtain and source relevant technological information, individual innovators, university experts, R&D units and incubation centers to help you find the best promising solution so that you keep leading in the competition.

With a team of research experts, technocrats and scientists, Menteso IP keeps a watchful eye on every technological happening in a particular domain so that you don't miss any opportunity.

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